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AOA Strategic Plan

strategic-plan-phase-2.jpgThe AOA's multi-phase strategic plan supports three rooftop goals we plan to accomplish by 2025. Here's a closer look:

2025 Rooftop Goals

  • 100% increase in awareness of osteopathic medicine

  • 50% increase in engagement with DOs

  • 100% increase in international awareness of osteopathic medicine

Phase 2: 2017-2019 Priority Areas

  • Member model, value and relevance

  • Enhancement of board certification services

  • Affiliate alignment

  • International impact

  • Governance alignment

Phase 1: 2014-2016 Priority Areas

  • Governance

Identifying and transitioning to more fiscally responsible operations will enable us to boost the quality and efficiency of our services to members. We'll also be able to expand the member services we offer.

  • Research

The AOA's goals for research include establishing new strategic research partnerships, increasing funding sources for osteopathic research, increasing the impact of excellent osteopathic research studies and expanding research on our profession itself.

  • Education

Increasing the number and quality of osteopathic graduate medical education (OGME) opportunities is the third pillar of the AOA's strategic plan. Specifically, our goal is a 30% increase in the overall number of osteopathic programs and positions. 

  • Advocacy

We're working to enhance our public policy impact by engaging members in advocacy, empowering patients to be a voice for change, and building strong policy partnerships.

  • Awareness

The AOA's multi-year brand awareness campaign aims to answer the question, "What is a DO?" once and for all.


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