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Advancing the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine

AOA Leadership

The AOA leadership and executive office represent the best interests of all DOs, osteopathic medical students, and other members of the osteopathic medical profession. Charged with implementing the vision and strategic plan developed by the AOA Board of Trustees, these leaders play an integral role in guiding the actions of the AOA on behalf of the osteopathic family.​


 AOA President



Mark A. Baker, DO

An osteopathic diagnostic radiologist, Dr. Baker is the AOA's 2017-18 president. View President Baker's bio and inauguration video​.


 AOA President-Elect



William S. Mayo, DO

An osteopathic ophthalmologist, Dr. Mayo serves as AOA President-elect. View Dr. Mayo's bio.



 AOA Chief Executive Officer



Adrienne White-Faines, MPA, FACHE

The office of the CEO is responsible for leading implementation of the AOA Strategic Plan. View Adrienne White-Faines' bio.


 House of Delegates, Speaker



Ray L. Morrison, DO

An AOA board-certified surgeon, Dr. Morrison is speaker of the AOA House of Delegates. View Dr. Morrison's bio.



 House of Delegates, Vice Speaker



David L. Broder, DO

A board-certified internist, Dr. Broder is vice speaker of the AOA House of Delegates. View Dr. Broder's bio​.


 About the AOA


​Serving as the professional family for more than 137,000 osteopathic physicians and osteopathic medical students, the AOA promotes public health and encourages scientific research. In addition to serving as the primary certifying body for DOs, the AOA is the accrediting agency for all osteopathic medical schools.  

The AOA stands firmly behind osteopathic physicians’ ethical and professional responsibilities to patients and the medical profession. We offer an in-depth look at our ethical standards in our official Code of Ethics. Our policies and positions also outline the AOA’s stance on major health issues affecting all areas of society.


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