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AOA Membership Dues Rates

​Below is a listing of the annual rates available for new AOA members. Please read your membership application for full details. Note that all AOA memberships begin on June 1 and end the following May 31. The deadline for late payment of dues is Sept. 1.


​Annual Regular Membership
Note: This rate only applies for new member DOs in practice four or more years.


Young Physician Membership​
For osteopathic physicians in the first three years of practice. See rates below.​

First year in practice​


Second year in practice​


Third year in practice​


​Military Physicians
For regular members active in the U.S. military and those who work full-time for the U.S. Public Health Service or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 




Interns, Residents and Fellows

Resident/Postdoctoral Training Membership
For full-time DO interns, residents and fellows


Note: Contact the AOA Department of Client and Member Services to determine eligibility.


Retired Physicians

Retired Membership
For DOs who are fully retired


Note: You must be completely retired from practice and not employed in any phase of professional activity.​



Student Membership
For osteopathic medical students 


​Note: You must currently attend an AOA-approved college of osteopathic medicine.



Associate Membership


Note: Contact the AOA for additional information.



 Reduced Rates


​Special reduced rates may be available if you are facing medical hardship (learn more) or financial hardship (learn more) or if you are currently enrolled full-time in a postdoctoral education program.