American Osteopathic Association

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AOA Brand Awareness Campaign

The AOA's brand awareness campaign is taking osteopathic medicine to a wider audience. The campaign features real DOs in both print and video ads, talking about what makes osteopathic medicine unique—our empathetic, whole-person approach to care. It targets consumers when and where they’re looking for information about health and wellness, promoting the DO difference and directing potential patients to find their DO by visiting the AOA's consumer website,

The brand campaign features print ads in prominent magazines, including Essence, Health, Yoga Journal, O Magazine, People, and Runner’s World. The campaign's digital arm includes ads, video and native content on health websites, as well as paid search. Outdoor ads have also appeared in select mid-sized markets. To meet the DOs who appear in the campaign, visit, or head to The DO for the latest updates on the campaign's impact.