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AOA Match Program

The AOA Match places students into osteopathic graduate medical education positions. To obtain an OGME-1 position in an AOA-approved internship or residency, or to obtain an OGME-2 residency position in an AOA-approved Dermatology residency,​ students and trainees must register for and participate​ in the AOA Match, which is administered by National Matching Services Inc. on behalf of the AOA.

AOA Match Process  

Visit the AOA Opportunities database to find current information on all AOA-approved internship and residency programs. Applicants register with the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) to apply to programs (ERAS is separate from the AOA Match Service). Each program determines interview schedules and applicants arrange interviews themselves. Interviews must follow AOA policy.

Participating in the AOA Match

Students will identify on their Rank Order Lists, in numerical order of preference, the programs where they would like to be matched. Students and institutions may list as many or as few choices as they wish on their Rank Order Lists. However, listing too few choices may decrease the probability of a match taking place or a position being filled. Couples: Two students who are participating in the Match at the same time and who wish to obtain positions in the same location may participate in the Match as a "Couple." Obtain additional information regarding the submission of Rank Order Lists by couples.

Receiving Match Results

The results of the Match are made available to all participants (students and institutions), as well as for the colleges of osteopathic medicine and osteopathic postdoctoral training institutions (OPTIs). Release from Match commitments are mutually agreed upon by both program and matched student through a written release by mutual consent. The contract is a binding legal document between the institution and the student, and there may be legal ramifications if either party breaches the contract.

Withdrawing from the NRMP Match

Students who have matched through the AOA Match and who have registered to participate in the NRMP Main Match will be withdrawn automatically from that year's NRMP Main Match for concurrent programs.

AOA Post-Match Procedure

Every year, a small number of students fail to match with any of their ranked programs and some programs fail to fill all of their available positions.View the AOA Post-Match procedure​